Facility Rentals

DeLozier Building (built in 1887):

Wonderful for Weddings, Receptions, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Meetings, Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, etc.
All Henry County Historical Society’s properties are smoke-free. The only alcoholic beverages allowed are wine and champagne.

Front room (east side)   $100.00
Theater room (west room) $100.00
Kitchen    $ 25.00
Set up day before  $ 50.00

Deposit  $100.00 

Dorman House (built in 1852):

The beautiful Dorman house built in 1852 is one of Clinton’s most stunning landmarks.  It makes a great located for small events, with a perfect touch of history.  

Music Room/Dining Room & Kitchenette:  $100.00

Backyard area:  $75.00

Backyard area, Music/Dining Room, & Kitchenette:  $150.00

Set up day before the event:  $25.00

Security deposit:  $50.00

Please call for details on renting any of our facilities at (660) 885-8414 or send us an email using the form below.

DeLozier Courtyard

Beautiful area for small Weddings, Receptions, Class Reunions, Showers, Birthday Parties, Graduation parties, ect.

Courtyard    $100.00

Deposit         $ 50.00


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