Henry County Historical Society

Our Mission

The purpose of this society is  to bring together people interested in history, and especially in the history of Henry County, Missouri, and it’s people.  Understanding the history of our County is basic to our Democratic way of life, gives us a better understanding of our State and Nation, and promotes a better appreciation of our American  heritage.

The Henry County Historical Society was reorganized in June 1966 and was chartered at this time.
An earlier society was started in 1954, but was never chartered. Two hundred and four interested people joined forces to begin an investment of a wonderful society and museum that today has grown to a membership of over 645 people. One of the first curators said, There is no limit as to what a group can do, if no one cares who gets the credit and there are no ego needs. The hard work and dedication of these early members has left us the legacy of a strong foundation on which to continue to build.


President  Klein Spangler

Vice President  Carlene Lowe

Secretary  Nancy Summers

Treasurer  Adele Bernard

Board of Directors

Rocky Austin

Sandra Braithwait

Martha Nichols

Brenda Roberts

Blayne Paxton

Shirley Jordan

Dave Walden

Dana Street

Marilynn Henry

Sandy Slayton

Carolyn Walden

John Pettersen

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