Struggle for Statehood

The Exhibit:

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am- 4 pm, June 12th-July 20th.

August 10th 2021  will mark the 200th anniversary of Missouri’s entry as the 24th state in the US. Missouri’s entry into statehood caused intense debate and discussion within the country on a variety of issues including slavery and national identity.

The exhibit features panels of information describing the time period, the controversy, and the people it affected.

Presented by Missouri Humanities Council and Henry County Museum.

Creative County Contest:

This contest is an opportunity for Henry County residents to flex their creative muscles and explore Henry County identity. Exploring the question “What makes Henry County and its citizens unique?” participants are encouraged to consider the county’s history, landmarks, and communities for those characteristics and stories which make Henry County truly one of a kind.

Official Rules:

  • Participants may submit  creative projects which express the unique character that is Henry County and its citizens. These projects may be written, in the form of a poem, essay, newspaper article, play, or story. Entries may also be an artistic expression in the form of sculpture, drawing, photograph, painting, poster, collage, or video.
  • All entries must be submitted to the museum with the participants name, phone number, e-mail, and home address by July 8th.
  • There will be three divisions of competition:

Division 1 (Ages 3-12)

Division 2 (Ages 13- 18)

Division 3 (Ages 19 and up)

  • There will be one winner selected from each division. These winners will be selected by a panel and the winning entry will be picked based on connection to theme and creativity. Winners will be announced July 20th .
  • All entries will be displayed within the museums special Bicentennial Exhibit and will remain the property of the Henry County Museum. By participating in the contest all entrants grant the Museum permission to publish the entries in brochures, flyers, other publications and exhibitions. 

Questions to get you started:

What is your personal history with the county?

What can only be found in Henry County, Missouri?

What physical landmarks are within the county?

What famous people are from Henry County?

Summer Speakers Program:

June 15th at 1 pm

Samuel Cohen will discuss The Missouri Crisis. Beginning with our fight for statehood, this speaker explores pattern of crisis from the civil war all the way to the modern Ferguson incident.


July 20th at 1 pm

Bryan Jack will discuss Missouri as a Southern State. This speaker will explore Missouri’s unique positioning in history and geography and the dual nature of its identity between northern and southern.

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